Basics Of Starting A Survival Fire

If you are planning to spend time in the wilderness, one of the skills that you should learn is fire making. This is because in a survival situation, fire is the second most important thing that you need side from the shelter. Having a fire could help to keep you warm, boil water to make it drinkable, or harden wood for spears. However, most people do not know how to make fire when there is no a lighter or matches. It is therefore you have the skills as they might be crucial in a survival moment. In building a survival fire, there are aspects that need to be put in to consideration. They include, the location where, to light the fire, wind direction and ground conditions. When choosing the location of the fire, it should be below a canopy if possible. The site should also be one that is free from the wind as this will help you to maintain the fire. In areas where it is wet or there is snow, making the fire will only be possible if you first create a base that is dry. One should also be cautious of causing a wild fire. This can be prevented by clearing the area of debris and building a containment area. Learn more about survival lighters at this website.

An important aspect in building a survival fire is identifying appropriate fuel. This is because fire cannot be lit without having fuel. In case you are in a wooded area, that has dead dry wood, it can be used to build the fire. In case you are not in such an area, then any other item can be used to keep the fire burning. Other appropriate materials that can be used include dung and grass. In using grass, it should be bundled together and tied in knots as this will keep it burning for longer. One of the challenges that one can experience is finding tinder. This is especially the case in wet conditions. Tinder is the material that is used make a spark which is the most basic of a fire. At home, it is normally difficult to find as you can use a wadded newspaper. In the wild however, you have to carry or find tinder. A tinder nest, is a small pile of materials that can be used to make fire. You should therefore know where you can find the materials. Even when it has been raining, one place that you can obtain the tinder is on the underside of a fallen tree. This way you will get tinder to enable you light a fire. To get started, click here.

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